Cannabis Ordinance Checklist

Recreational Cannabis Issues for Elected Officials to Consider

Is recreational cannabis right for your town?

What cannabis classes of licenses do you want for your town?

Where are you going to put those cannabis businesses?

What type of zoning are you going to impose? Permitted Use? Conditional Use? Prohibited Use?

What conditions and design standards does the town want to impose on cannabis businesses? Time, place, manner. Parking, odor mitigation, garbage, noise, security, lighting, local police involvement, queuing of customers, litter and debris, penalties and suspension of license for violations.

Should there be a separate “cannabis review board” that can delve deeper into the application (i.e., how is the applicant adhering to the social justice components of the statute, are they hiring locally, using local police, providing education component, etc) before the appropriate Land Use board hears the application?

Cannabis businesses require endorsement by the municipality. Will the Governing Body perform that function or another designated person or body/board?

Will the town limit the number of businesses using a hard number (ex. 3) or by zoning (ex., No cannabis business located within 1000 feet of each other and in specific districts only).

Will the town permit consumption of cannabis on the premises? Inside? Outside?

Taxation, administrative and local licensing fees. Distribution of monies received.

Should the town enter into a Community Host Agreement with the cannabis applicant to recover costs associated with the expenditure of municipal resources not accounted for anywhere else (reviewing receipts in order to collect appropriate taxes, police involvement, administration and creation of appropriate municipal forms and applications for local license annual renewal, etc.)

How will the town “score” or select similarly situated cannabis applicants when the number of applicants exceeds the permitted number of businesses?

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